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How Long Does The Average Masters Degree Take To Complete?

You always hear different figures for how long it takes to get a masters degree. How long it will take you to get your masters degree depends on the masters program that you have chosen, how far you are from having your masters, and how quickly you will be working through the necessary coursework. Answer these questions and you will have a much better idea of how long it will take you to complete your masters.

Do You Already Have Your Bachelors Degree?
A bachelors degree is a prerequisite for a masters degree. Most people know this but many wonder if they can bypass this degree and move right on to the masters program. As it stands now, you cannot.

If you already have your bachelors degree then you can start working toward your masters immediately. If you do not have your bachelors degree then you will need to obtain that before you even think about getting your masters. If you do not already have your bachelors then remember to add on the average 4 years that it takes to get a bachelors to the length of time that it will take you to get your masters.

Full Time Or Part Time?
With masters degree programs you can choose to go to school full time or part time. Many students attempt to maintain their status as full time students so that they work through the masters program as quickly as possible. They want the degree, the new career, and the increased earning power as soon as possible.

Other students favour going to school for their masters degrees part time because they already have full time jobs, families, and other responsibilities that make going to school full time difficult, if not impossible. They may also like that by taking fewer classes each semester, they will be paying for fewer classes each semester. The end cost of the education will be the same but they won't have to pay it all so soon. Your status as a full time or part time masters student will affect how long it takes you to complete your masters degree program.

How Long Does It Usually Take?
All that being said, most masters degree program students complete their masters degrees in 2 to 3 years although some ambitious students manage to complete their degrees in 18 months. These are the full time students who already hold bachelors degrees and are therefore free to aggressively pursue their advanced degrees. Some students take longer and take advantage of schools that allow them up to 7 years in some cases to earn their degrees. These averages also depend upon the exact masters degree that is being pursued.
How long your masters degree takes to complete depends on you. Students are given the option of being full time or part time because without this option many students would not be able to complete their masters degrees at all. When you make that choice, you choose how long it will take to complete your masters.

Mary Ward writes about how to enroll in schools for accredited masters degree programs.

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