Minggu, Oktober 11, 2009

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Crowd Control for Keeping People in Line

Many of us, I believe have ever gone to bank, or goverment office. And if we notice, usually we can find stanchions or velvet rope in front of the receptionist place. Or maybe we usually find it at teller in bank. I do believe which you and me agree to say that this tool is very important for controlling people. This tool is called as crowd control. It’s particular function is to control of a crowd, to prevent the outbreak of disorder and prevention of possible riot.

This product usually used for concerts, at football stadium, bank, or at supermarket, especially when a sale of goods has attracted an excess of customers. This control crowd is called gentler than the riot control, which pressure and force the crowd. But, this control crowd just make a simple line and stanchions which unintentionally make someone to stand in line and not to outbreak the rule.

Also, some products which is used as crowd control are stanchions, velvet rope or barricades. And for every these product has own specialization. Such as you may say, the stanchions include velvet rope and post. And barricades, it includes the fence barricades, pipe etc. Also post and rope system are rather popular as crowd control. But we have to notice, that keeping the crowd feel comfortable is very important. This thing will keep them in control, otherwise riot possibility will increase in significant. Some brand names and manufacturers in the crowd control industry include the camelbackdisplays.com that does not only provide the crowd control, but also an one-stop shopping for factory priced trade show exhibits, displays and tradeshow booths.

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pertamax... bw sob... btw, gmn cara ningkatinpr sich...? koq traffic udh lumayan, tapi lom naek2..? alexa ngaruh ke pr ga...?

neilhoja mengatakan...

yuhu... mm kalo soal pr sih, kurang tau jg ya, gimana pertimbangan google. tapi denger2 sih, dan yang pernah aku praktekin, rajin posting dan unik. satu lagi, daftarin ke direktori2 misalkan google, yahoo, dmoz.org, sama blogcatalog.com

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