Senin, Juli 13, 2009

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Stemware Rack's Day

The day was still morning when my neighbour came to my house. As usual, we started the conversation with talking about our family activities. But that day, he was not like usual. He was different. His face talked that. I was wondering, what's wrong with my beloved neighbour today. More and more, he looked sad in the morning, the time when everything is fine. Not long after we shook our hand, he said to me that he got a problem. He said, "Kitchen problem."

Not so long, after We went inside his house to look what problem he had, I just smiled. “Glass racks problem? Ok, let me show you what I have in my kitchen.” Then I showed him the wall stemware rack which I had. And the other side, he said finally about my hanging glass rack, “Amazing!”

“Yea, you could have this amazing furniture as I do. Besides what I just showed to you, you could have another option to get this amazing furniture. Such as, wall stemware rack, wine glass rack, glass stemware rack, etc.”

“Stop. Show me the shop.”

Then I just smiled, for having solved my neighbours’ problem.

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buwel mengatakan...

thanks 4 your info sob...

genial mengatakan...

pasti perempuan kan tetangganya?!?!?

AJIEEEE mengatakan...

nice info

inuel mengatakan...

:D,hmmmmmmm aku musti tnya mba google ni artinya apa'an,sukses dech reviewnya :D

♥ Neng Aia ♥ mengatakan...

heleh... lancarr booo... bisa untuk pulang ke Indonesia nih hasilnya ;)

neilhoja mengatakan...

@ aya: hehe... iya nih neng, lagi lancar2nya.. ^^
@ inul: makasih ineul.... sama2, gud luck yah
@ ajie: hehehe.. yuhu
@ genial: koq tau?
@ buwel: yipi....

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