Minggu, Juli 05, 2009

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Some Cars Reviews for This Summer

Welcome summer... Summer is always special. Not just because we can get more time at noon, but we also get long vacation here. Leaving the beautiful of spring, and we face the great summer. Summer and vacation, make us getting more time outside. Leaving the house, enjoy the sun and the smell of wind. That's so amazing. But wait, we also need a stuff to get the great vacation. Yes, a good and safe car.

Inside the issue of global warming, we must insist ourself to not using stuff that can make the global warming become worse. Also our stuff in car. The hybrid car is a solution. One of hybrid car is Chevy Silverado. Some of it's likes:
* Can tow three tons
* Relatively inexpensive hybrid upgrade
* Drives "normally"—no drivability quirks
* Eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on hybrid batteries
Wow... what a great 'full size truck family'.

But wait, we also can take a look for Hummer reviews here. Hummer always have strong look. It can be an alternative beside the Chevy upthere. Like the Hummer H2, the hulking car which has radical styling. Quoting the Marty Padgett statement, the Executive Editor of thecarconnection.com, "Car and Driver agrees, stating that the H2 is still dominated by big, simple shapes, which lend it a rugged appearance, but the materials have a quality look."

We also do not to ignore the other cool and beauty car, right? I can say, the Ford reviews is also important. I like this car because of it’s power inside the beauty. Do you ever know Ford Fiesta? Prepare for it’s amazing…

If you want a high class car, you can take a look the Audi Q7. Bengt Halvorson, the editor of thecarconnection.com said, “The 2009 Audi Q7 has a classy, stylish appearance that hints at ruggedness, yet is decidedly urbane.” It’s appearance is really catchy, such as the other Audi car. But may be you can find the Audi Q7 is the safer car.

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