Jumat, Juli 17, 2009

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Enjoy My Favorite TV Channel

The day is still too morning to take a trip in this summer. More over that yesterday, I just had gone to suburb city in Egypt, the Damieetta city. I’m turning on my PC and read some online news. I find some of them are useful and others just suck. But really, by reading news we can such travel to around world without go anywhere... so wonderful.

Talking about news, now I’m going to take the favorite activities in the morning, watching Direct TV right from my monitor. Yea, I have registered to this Satellite Directv from last 4 months ago. Using direct TV Satellite for me is much better than cable tv, cause the price and it’s very difficult to subcribe, especially for a foreign resident in Egypt like me.

But by using this Direct Satellite TV, all my problem to enjoy the tv channel is solved by the time.

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