Jumat, Juli 03, 2009

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Buying The New LCD TV

Some day, I went to my friend's flat. I was surprised that I found his new LCD TV. I just found the great LCD like him. For information, I used to watch my TV channel program on conventional monitor. My CRT monitor, as I ever used, not so bad. But my friend said, that using CRT monitor is not efficience at all. As he said, that CRT monitor using more power and producing more heat. Ofcourse the more consumption spend more money.

My friend suggest me to try finding the best LCD TV for me on the internet. And he said to try an online shop about LCD TV. Then, our adventure is begin! More and more time I spent my time in front of that shop, I found more items and more best product to buy. Not only about LCD TV, but we were also interested in Home Theatre products, the HDTV best items, and also we were not forget to looking for the Blue Ray player for my new LCD TV!.

But, that time I also found something interesting for my home theatre system! Yea... the AV Receiver, this product is very important so I can get the cynema quality system just right on my home theatre! Hem.. that's my story about how did I buy my new LCD TV. So simple and effective, right?... ^^

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Cebong Ipiet mengatakan...

ciyeeeh ciyeeeeh :))

neilhoja mengatakan...

wkwkwkw... halah cebong, bkin malu aja..

andrys note mengatakan...

nice info,,,,,,
checking my blog !!!!!

Bisnis Online mengatakan...

waduh, bhs inggris... susah nih

♥ Neng Aia ♥ mengatakan...

cupliwiiittt...!! another blogger yg maen paid review neh.. :))

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