Sabtu, Januari 09, 2010

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Keep Your Company Clean from Electronic Waste

Nowadays, We always keep in fight against environmental pollution. You maybe ever watch at theater the 2012 movie, which describe us how can the disaster will destroy our earth within minute. All people in the world have to get involved in this action for keeping our earth away from any disasters. Last days, we hear an earthquake at Padang, Indonesia. And if you see the graphics of disasters occurs, you will know.. how our earth is getting darker and more because of the pollution.

And for your information, the GreenPeace site said in their report: "The amount of electronic products discarded globally has skyrocketed recently, with 20-50 million tonnes generated every year. If such a huge figure is hard to imagine, think of it like this - if the estimated amount of e-waste generated every year would be put into containers on a train it would go once around the world!"

Look at the bold word, 20-50 million tones every year!

But the world is not always dark. There are many solution for every problem. Such as what veoliaes offers to us. They offers environmental services such as e waste recycling. This mean, they will recycling your e-waste's company. By this, you will get some benefits: divert hazardous materials from landfill, and you will enhance your environmental reputation.

Another service they give is, skip bin service for any household or commercial business across a wide range of dry and solid waste streams. Such as food, paper & cardboard, plastics, furniture, whitegoods, batteries, etc. Visit their site for more information.

Let's keep our earth green. :)

Salam hangat dari neilhoja. "Sebesar keinsyafanmu, sebesar itu pula keuntunganmu."

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