Senin, Oktober 05, 2009

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Consider Gold as Your New Investment

The day before yesterday, a friend of mine called me. He wanted to meet me soon. It sounded so interesting. Then we managed to meet at a cafe next to my office. By his coming, I wonder what would we talk that day. Looked at his face, it seemed not good. He used to be clean and neat, but not now. I thought he must had got a problem.

My prediction was right. Later he told me that the stock business was frustating. Stock and paper investments were weaking recently. The political and monetary environments were also tough. In addition to mortgage and other financial problems. It feels like the curses was overwhelming him. He really need support, a solution.

I suggested him to reconsider gold as a wealth-preserving mean. The value of gold coin is stable during worst condition (e.g. war, currency devaluation, inflation). Even these conditions can raise gold's price. Also its reliable power has been proven for 5000 years.

He accepted my suggestion. He went to a consultant, searching for a trustworthy company that offer gold, both coin or bullion. Finally he found out a company that can be counted on, Aurum Advisors. The company is experienced in managing gold coins and gold bullion for a decade. Besides it can deliver the gold to anywhere worldwide .
My friend called them. And now, he can take a breath and sleep well at pleasant night.

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Haaai. Blogwalking. Salam kenal yaa :)

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a good review ;)!

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