Jumat, Oktober 02, 2009

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Let ADT Watch on Your Loved Ones

That day was so frightening. At the time, I was not in home, doing my job at countryside. In the other side, my wife and my children were in house. The day that I will never forget, when suddenly I got a call from ADT team. "A Fire at your home...", a man across there said. But nobody in my house noticed that, as my wife and my children were sleeping. And so I called my wife immediately, and luckily she was awakened by the siren of fire department's mobile. And she said, that everything is okay. Thanks God, that I can't imagine if I didn't install a Home Security System at my home that day, what will happen?

And that is not all. So many accidents occur and take place in my home. But what I never worry is, because there always ADT Security System that keep an eye on my home. The ADT Security System, not only gives you the tool that function as an alarm. The alarm that will warn the house resident about the danger they may face. But more over, it also warn you even you are in travel. They will watch your home, contact you if something happen, and keep you on their network. That's incredible!

And why is it called as a system? Because the tool (alarm) is only a part of it, beside it is monitored 24 hours, and connected-always. The ADT Home Security System, not only contact you if the danger happens, but also the police, fire department, and the authority officer. It means, your home will always be gotten away from the danger, from it's first step, also someones you love them much. All what can I say is, by having ADT Security System installed in my home, I feel in peace, wherever and whenever I be.

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